“delicious artificial intelligence”

Artificial intelligence to help you eat better

UM.AI is a smart food advisor that tracks and analyses what you eat in order to provide personalized food recommendations.
Log the food you eat quicker than with any other app. will help you follow any diet and optimize your nutrition.

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Smooth Sailing

Tracking what you eat doesn’t have to be difficult. Just tell what you had, the same way you would tell your friends… our AI will take care of the rest.

Easy User Experience

Follow diet plans without the pain of learning what to eat or what to avoid. We tell you which recipes, products and restaurant dishes work with your diet, and your taste buds!

Marketplace for diets and plans

Choose from any number of diets, following the advice of nutritionists, chefs and celebrities.

Follow a diet eating what you like. personalises your diet according to what you like to eat.
Discover better options. Get feedback on the nutritional value and more ( 180+ micronutrients, allergies, origin, source, GMO content… and many more).
We use semantic technology to distill all the unstructured information existing in recipes, product databases and nutritional value databases onto a common food vocabulary. Our technology allows you to track the food you eat with at most a couple of clicks!
Mohammad Khodadadi

Mohammad Khodadadi

Co-Founder / CTO

• PhD in semantic technologies (Manchester Univ.)
• Winner - Sirius Programme by UKTI
• Founder of Grab'n'Drop
• Previously CEO of web app development firm (16+ people)

Eliseo Papa

Eliseo Papa

Co-Founder / CSO

• PhD in Biomedical Engineering (MIT/Harvard Med)
• Researcher on human microbiome & machine learning MD (Imperial College London)
• Founder of enumeral biomedical
• Consultant for SERES health

Edward Sherman

Edward Sherman

Co-Founder / CFO

• Master International Affairs, Columbia University
• Ex CEO at Brandes Investment Partners Asia. Previously at Salomon Brothers.
• 29 years of experience in investment

Venus Rabbani

Venus Rabbani

UX/UI designer

Teis Halkjaer-Lassen

Teis Halkjaer-Lassen

Business / Marketing

Designed To Be Seamless

Tracking what you eat should be easy and care-free. We take great pride in designing an app that is easy and fun to use.

Exploiting Context

We use your location, time of day and other things we learn about you to provide you with simple and easy-to-follow recommendations.

Designed Around The User understands your eating habits like never before. How crunchy do you prefer your chips to be?

Organize Food Knowledge

We know food. Our knowledge base contains billions of data points about recipes, nutritional data and packaged products.

Doable, Enjoyable

Tracking your food intake has been shown to be an effective way of improving your nutrition. will quickly learn what is that you enjoy and help you eat and feel better.

Semantic Technology uses leading edge academic knowledge in semantic to organize its vast repository of data about ingredients and recipes.

Loaded with Power

UM.AI exploits cutting edge technology in semantic and machine learning to structure more than 2 billion food data points in a logical and easy to use manner.
Our smart food logger can revolutionize how we log what we ingest.
Our ability to leverage this rapidly growing data-set will enable us to organize and personalize every users’ experience.

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